The SuperConductor Grant Application Media Page

Visit for a conceptual video of the SuperConductor.


Concept art and early mockups.

*Men in brown zentai suits optional.

Day 01

Daytime View - Top of display is about 8 feet high.


Aerial View - All components will be housed in the podium or inside the structure behind the display.


You've been checking out art all day and needed to take a seat, view.


Eye-level close up - here you can see the other edge of the display coming into the reflection due to the radius of the piece as well as the pixel diffusers behind the mirrored surface.


Rear Aerial View - Shows the scaffolding layout and rear footprint. All gear (generator, electronics, etc.), guylines, and stakes will be internal to the structure.


Night Time View - A conductor at the podium running the animations and the SuperConductor's control podium.


Mutant Vehicle View - Another nighttime shot with a different animation running.


2010 Burning Man Prototype

FulBot (Jon Fuller) standing in front of the in-camp prototype in 2010 to make sure he was ready for Tutu Tuesday.


Prototype running a simple colorwheel to light up the home camp. We were camped at 4:30 and C and the proto-SuperConductor's animations were easily distinguishable from the top of MantFarm. It's bright!


Prototype panel - diffuser layer and rear panel drilled and ready for assembly.


Prototype panel - both layers assembled without outer shell.


Testing the ability to stack them in transport. This method worked, but a few panels' mirror surface were scratched. We're going to build a small shelving system for the UHaul trip to Burning Man.


Prototype Panel - First panel completed. Film was applied by hand which is extrememly difficult to do. With the right kind of plastic (mirror already applied) this won't be a problem. Plus, the pre-mirrored stuff is a lot more robust.


Prototype Panels - The rear section of each panel houses all of the electronics used in each unit. Data and power come through a single cable/connector.


Prototype Panels - Testing different configurations ideas.


Prototype SuperConductor - running test animations on completed prototype.


Prototype SuperConductor - Testing the all blue button.


Prototype SuperConductor - Another test animation.


Pre 2010 Burning Man technology development.

Programmable LED - Every single pixel in the SuperConductor is controlled by one of these. Fully programmable, 24bit color, and a 30Hz plus framerate.


Prototype Panel - First test with a string of Programmable LED.


Prototype String - First test of string control circuit and and a few V1.6 Programmable LEDs.


Early Prototype String - Testing red channel brightness on V1.0 of Programmable LED boards.


Early Prototype String - Testing animation data rate on V1.0 of Programmable LED boards.


String Components - Programmable LED (V1.6) and the string-controler circuit (V1.0)


Programmable LED - Boards being assembled at home for the prototype.


Programmable LED - All of these boards were used for the prototype.


Prototype Data Transmission - testing long cable runs and high data rate necessary for a large scale version of the prototype.


Prototype Data Transmission - Another shot showing (a messy breadboard) the hardware for data rate testing.